Julia for Data Science

The Julia Series, by Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris

Julia for Machine Learning

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Unleash the power of Julia for your machine learning tasks. We reveal why Julia is chosen for more and more data science and machine learning projects, including Julia’s ability to run algorithms at lightning speed. Read more…

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Julia is a simple, fast, and dynamic open source language ideal for data science and machine learning projects.

Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris, author of the Julia series, has written many books on data science and artificial intelligence and has worked at companies around the world including as Program Manager at Microsoft. He mentors aspiring data scientists through Thinkful, and maintains a Data Science / AI blog.

The Data Analytics Report, machine learning article by Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris.

Julia for Data Science

Master how to use the Julia language to solve business critical data science challenges. After covering the importance of Julia to the data science community and several essential data science principles, we start with the basics including how to install Julia and its powerful libraries. Read more…

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