Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse

Gardens of Intelligence

This book digs deep into the challenges and opportunities of how to succeed with technology platforms for market and competitive intelligence.
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Gabriel Anderbjörk

Gabriel Anderbjörk is CEO of Inzyon and a true innovator and entrepreneur within the fields of Information Management, Knowledge Management, and Enterprise Intelligence. Since his role as corporate director of CI at telecommunications vendor Ericsson, his professional experience spans more than 25 years and includes numerous major projects worldwide.

Jesper Ejdling Martell

Jesper Ejdling Martell is CEO of Comintelli and a highly experienced Competitive Intelligence (CI) professional, having worked in the field since 1996 at which time he managed the corporate Business Information Centre at telecommunications vendor Ericsson. Over the years, Jesper has served as a trusted advisor in CI-related matters for various multinational organizations.

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