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What is DMZ?

Applications deliver value only when the underlying applications meets user needs. Yet organizations spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours every year developing solutions that fail to deliver. There is so much waste due to poorly capturing and articulating business requirements. Data models prevent this waste by capturing business terminology and needs in a precise form and at varying levels of detail, ensuring fluid communication across business and IT. Data modeling is therefore an essential skill for anyone involved in building an application: from data scientists and business analysts to software developers and database administrators. Data modeling is all about understanding the data used within our operational and analytics processes, documenting this knowledge in a precise form called the “data model”, and then validating this knowledge through communication with both business and IT stakeholders.

Data Modeling Zone (DMZ) is the only conference completely dedicated to data modeling. After over 20 successful DMZ conferences worldwide, and a four year hiatus, DMZ returns! DMZ US 2024, in Phoenix, Arizona, February 27-March 1, 2024, contains four tracks:

  1. Skill (fundamental or advanced modeling techniques)
  2. Technology (AI, mesh, cloud, lakehouse, etc.)
  3. Case study
  4. Semantic modeling (graphs, ontologies, reasoning, etc.)

Our theme this year is rising from the ashes, the phoenix returns, DMZ is back, and in Phoenix!

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    Presentation type:Skill (fundamental or advanced modeling techniques)Technology (AI, mesh, cloud, lakehouse, etc.)Case studySemantic modeling (graphs, ontologies, reasoning, etc.)
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    1. Presentation slides are due by February 1, 2024. Presenter acknowledges that they may be replaced by another presentation if slides are not received by this date.
    2. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive a complimentary pass to the full conference. You are responsible for all travel and accommodation costs. You will not receive a payment for speaking.
    3. You are ok with being interviewed for a roughly five minute webinar about your session, which we will use to promote your session and the conference.
    4. Your session may be recorded and we might use the video as a product for us to sell.
    4. Submitting this proposal assumes you have permission from the organization(s) to present.
    5. We reserve the right to make minor revisions to your presentation title, description, and learning objectives to correct typos, adjust grammar or spelling, help with formatting, or improve general readability.

    “Top 10” Reasons to Attend DMZ



    Sharpen your data modeling skills Learn from the modeling experts Benefit from case studies Explore leading-edge technologies Network and share experiences
    Bring your whole team and make it an in-person bonding experience Know how to leverage semantics Solve your most difficult data challenges (in groups) Fun evening events Great Phoenix weather!

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