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Data Modeling Master Class Training Manual 10th Edition

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Data Modeling Master Class Training Manual 10th Edition: Steve Hoberman’s Best Practices Approach to Understanding and Applying Fundamentals Through Advanced Modeling Techniques, by Steve Hoberman

Steve Hoberman teaches data modeling using the Data Modeling Master Class training manual. You can purchase the manual before attending the Master Class. The current schedule and description for the course are available here.

The Master Class is a complete data modeling course containing three modules. After completing Module 1, you will be able to explain the benefits of data modeling, apply the five settings to build a data model masterpiece, and know how and when to use each data modeling component (entities, attributes, representatives, relationships, subtyping, keys, hierarchies, and networks). After completing Module 2, you will be able to create conceptual, logical, and physical relational and dimensional data models. You will also learn how NoSQL data models differ from traditional in terms of structure and modeling approach. After completing Module 3, you will be able to apply data model best practices through the ten categories of the Data Model Scorecard®. You will know not just how to build a data model, but how to build a data model well. Through the Scorecard, you will be able to incorporate supportability and extensibility features into your data model, as well as assess the quality of any data model.

Case studies and many exercises reinforce the material and will enable you to apply these techniques in your current projects. This course assumes no prior data modeling knowledge and, therefore, there are no prerequisites.

You can learn more about the class and the upcoming schedule here.

About Steve

Steve Hoberman is a world-recognized innovator and thought-leader in the field of data modeling. He has worked as a business intelligence and data management practitioner and trainer since 1990. He is the author of Data Modelers Workbench and Data Modeling Made Simple, the founder of the Design Challenges group and the inventor of the Data Model Scorecard®.


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