The Legendary C.J. Date

Foundational Data Management Works, by C. J. Date

Chris Date has a stature that is unique in the database industry. He is best known for his textbook An Introduction to Database Systems (Addison-Wesley), which has sold some 900,000 copies at the time of writing. He enjoys a reputation that is second to none for his ability to explain complex technical issues in a clear and understandable fashion. He was inducted into the Computing Industry Hall of Fame in 2004.

Logic and Relational Theory

As a database professional, you owe it to yourself to understand the basics of formal logic, and you ought to be able to explain the connections between formal logic and database technology. Read more…

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Fifty Years of Relational, and Other Database Writings

Fifty years of relational. It’s hard to believe the relational model has been around now for over half a century! But it has…Read more…

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Stating the Obvious, and Other Database Writings

Some things seem so obvious that they don’t need to be spelled out in detail. Or do they? Read more…

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E. F. Codd and Relational Theory, Revised Edition

An examination of all of Codd’s major database publications, explaining the nature of his contribution in depth, and in particular highlighting not only the many things he got right but also some of the things he got wrong. Read more…

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