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Data Model Scorecard

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Data Model Scorecard: Applying the Industry Standard on Data Model Quality, by Steve Hoberman

Data models are the main medium used to communicate data requirements from business to IT, and within IT from analysts, modelers, and architects, to database designers and developers. Therefore it’s essential to get the data model right. But how do you determine right? That’s where the Data Model Scorecard® comes in.


Section I: Data Modeling and the Need for Validation

Chapter 1: Data Modeling Primer
Chapter 2: Importance of Data Model Quality
Chapter 3: Data Model Scorecard Overview

Section II: Data Model Scorecard Categories

Chapter 4, Category One: Correctness
Chapter 5, Category Two: Completeness
Chapter 6, Category Three: Scheme
Chapter 7, Category Four: Structure
Chapter 8, Category Five: Abstraction
Chapter 9, Category Six: Standards
Chapter 10, Category Seven: Readability
Chapter 11, Category Eight: Definitions
Chapter 12, Category Nine: Consistency
Chapter 13, Category Ten: Data

Section III: Validating Data Models With the Scorecard

Chapter 14: Preparing for the Model Review
Chapter 15: During the Model Review
Chapter 16: Data Model Scorecard Case Study

The Data Model Scorecard is a data model quality scoring tool containing ten categories aimed at improving the quality of your organization’s data models. Many of my consulting assignments are dedicated to applying the Data Model Scorecard to my client’s data models – I will show you how to apply the Scorecard in this book.

This book, written for people who build, use, or review data models, contains the Data Model Scorecard template and an explanation along with many examples of each of the ten Scorecard categories. There are three sections:

In Section I, Data Modeling and the Need for Validation, receive a short data modeling primer in Chapter 1, understand why it is important to get the data model right in Chapter 2, and learn about the Data Model Scorecard in Chapter 3.

In Section II, Data Model Scorecard Categories, we will explain each of the ten categories of the Data Model Scorecard. There are ten chapters in this section, each chapter dedicated to a specific Scorecard category:

  • Chapter 4: Correctness
  • Chapter 5: Completeness
  • Chapter 6: Scheme
  • Chapter 7: Structure
  • Chapter 8: Abstraction
  • Chapter 9: Standards
  • Chapter 10: Readability
  • Chapter 11: Definitions
  • Chapter 12: Consistency
  • Chapter 13: Data

In Section III, Validating Data Models, we will prepare for the model review (Chapter 14), cover tips to help during the model review (Chapter 15), and then review a data model based upon an actual project (Chapter 16).

About Steve

Steve Hoberman is a world-recognized innovator and thought-leader in the field of data modeling. He has worked as a business intelligence and data management practitioner and trainer since 1990. He is the author of Data Modelers Workbench and Data Modeling Made Simple, the founder of the Design Challenges group and the inventor of the Data Model Scorecard®.


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