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Telling Your Data Story

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Telling Your Data Story: Data Storytelling for Data Management, by Scott Taylor

The Data Whisperer’s practical guide to explaining and understanding the strategic value of data management.



Introduction: Every Enterprise has a Data Story to Tell



Chapter 1: My Data Story

Why I know what I know and why you should listen
The stories I don’t tell
The stories I do tell


Chapter 2: Current State of the Data Management Story

The story of foundational data
Your data story is about your data pain
Once upon a time…
Why you need a data story about Why


Chapter 3: Everyone’s Data Story

Here is a data story
Common problems, same solution, separate pain
Data explosion
The role of enterprise software systems
Organizational disharmony
Impact of third-party data providers
Lack of data management standards
The “outside the walls” problem


Chapter 4: Framing Your Data Story

The data story of digital transformation
The story of structured data – 4Cs
The story of using data – 8 ‘Ates


Chapter 5: Selling Your Data Story

Tips on creating a compelling narrative
A crash course in selling
How not to start your data story
Some analogies that work
Add some sizzle to your steak


Chapter 6: Building Your Data Story

Aligning data management with the strategic intentions of your enterprise
Leveraging the 3Vs of data management storytelling
Take KNOW for an answer


Chapter 7: Finding the Data Story

Example 1 – Generic enterprises
Example 2 – Fortune 200 company investor day presentation
Example 3 – Global financial services company – Annual report
Example 4 – Global services company – Strategic presentation
Example 5 – Consumer goods company
Example 6 – Consumer insight can drive the need for data management
Example 7 – A Cautionary Tale – The $400,000,000 fine for lack of Data Governance


Conclusion: Living Happily Ever After

Start, stop, continue

The need for data management is everywhere across your company. The value of every digitally transformative customer-facing initiative, every data science and analytics-based project, every as-a-service offering, every foray into e-commerce, and every enterprise software implementation is inextricably linked to the successful output of data management efforts. Although it is a simple function of garbage in garbage out, that slogan rarely drives any sustainable executive action. We need to tell a better data story.

Data Storytelling is probably the hottest non-technical trend in the technology-related space. But it does not directly support data management because it is focused on analytics or telling stories with data. So, it is time to expand the realm of Data Storytelling to recognize the role of data management by telling stories about data.
Learn how to secure stakeholder involvement and executive commitment to fund and support data management as a systematic, consistent, fundamental part of your business. This book is for:

  • Data management leaders trying to explain your value to C-Level and business stakeholders. As a practitioner, you may already know how to fix your data, but your business leaders ignore your advice. When you explain data management to the business, they may nod “yes” on the outside, but they nod off on the inside.
  • Business stakeholders trying to comprehend why data management is important. Many business people may be frightened, threatened, intimidated, or at the very least confused and bewildered by the techno-babble often associated with data-related conversations. If you want to know more about why data management needs to be a strategic imperative in your organization, you’ll learn it here in simple terms.
  • Data scientists looking to understand better how you connect to “The Business.” A recurring struggle I hear from data scientists is the need to get “closer to business.” If you are a data scientist, then you need to understand your company’s data story. The more you can align your work to the core value your company delivers, the more successful you will be. This book will help you discover the essence of why data brings value to your business.
  • Anyone interested in understanding the business value of data management. I offer simple explanations about why data management is essential for your organization. Without going deep into technical concepts and processes, I focus on the business-related outputs. I share ways you can think about what foundational data does. Its importance is vital for the future of your enterprise.


Since this is a book about telling data stories, I share it through stories divided into five sections:

  1. My data story. Why I know what I know and why you should listen to me.
  2. Everyone’s data story. A collection of classic, foundational data situations relevant to all enterprises.
  3. Framing your data story. A set of simple frameworks about data value.
  4. Selling your data story. Tips on creating a compelling narrative.
  5. Building your data story. Why you must align with the strategic intentions of your enterprise.

About Scott

Known as The Data Whisperer, I have over 25 years of experience in master data, reference data, metadata, MDM, data governance space, and I spent those decades solving data management challenges for large global enterprises. I also helped data content owners and innovative tech brands tell their data stories. I have enlightened countless business executives on the value of proper data management by stressing strategic rationale and business alignment rather than technical implementation and system integration. I focus on the strategic WHY rather than the technical HOW, the tactical WHAT, or the organizational WHO. I believe data management is one of the most essential and overlooked disciplines in any enterprise. In today’s business environment, this is your opportunity to make the most of it. There is plenty of complexity in the data space; however, it is filled with simple truths. I want to help you simplify the complex to make sure your enterprise data story ends happily ever after.


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