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Controlling the Chaos: A Functional Framework for Enterprise Architecture and Governance, by Robert Fox

Controlling the Chaos uses a deceptively simple “functional framework” approach that builds upon the groundwork laid down by Zachman, NIST, Spewack, TOGAF, COBIT, and ITIL, to create a vision of IT management that is easy to grasp and implement. Read more…

In the years since his graduation from Duke University in 1986, Robert Fox has been involved with architecture and governance in the banking, retail sales, telecom and insurance industries, holding positions from developer to manager, and from enterprise architect to the director of Information Architecture at a Fortune 500 company. He has participated in the design, development and installation of IT solutions all over the world, from Bolivia to Siberia, accumulating a broad base of experience with IT organizations and the various approaches to controlling the chaos that is IT management.

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