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Business Architecture

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Business Architecture: Collecting, Connecting, and Correcting the Dots, by Roger T. Burlton

Build a Business Architecture Framework to enable your organization to grow and gracefully accommodate change.


Chapter 1: Pressures on Businesses

Return on Investment (ROI)
Designing for agility

Chapter 2: Business Architecture Landscape

Idea behind the architectural framework
Business architecture landscape principles
Process Renewal Group (PRG) Business Architecture Landscape

Chapter 3: Architecture Scope and Value Chains

Organizational question
Line of business – Value chain argument
A tricky yet critical choice

Chapter 4: Analyzing your Ecosystem and Understanding External Stakeholders

Business model
Business ecosystem external pressures
Stakeholder value
Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

Chapter 5: Deriving your Strategy

What makes up strategic guidance?
Defining strategy
North Star
Strategic capabilities

Chapter 6: Developing Concept and Information Models

About the concept model
About the information model

Chapter 7: Developing your Process Architecture

Business process explanation
Business Process Manifesto
Relationship with business capabilities
Key traits of a robust process architecture
Business process categories
Exploiting the concept model
Terminology and professional history
Working with the process skeleton
Describing a process

Chapter 8: Developing your Business Capability Map

What is a business capability?
Strategic capability versus business capability
Business context
Business capability traits
Business capability principles
Starting from business concepts
Burlton Capability Hexagon

Chapter 9: Measuring Business Performance

Value of measurement
Quality of measurement
Top down or bottom up?
Top-down view
Bottom-up view
Going beyond the data (who cares?)
Gaining useful data
Reconciling the measurement indicators
Measurement opportunities, challenges, and biases
Alignment with personal motivation
Observer effect
Measurement and behavior
Measurement and organizational maturity

Chapter 10: Aligning Architectural Domains

Scope of alignment
Main connections
Business architecture wiring
What is the business strategy and how does it connect?
What are business concepts and how do they connect?
Business Process-Capability connection
Burlton Hexagon
Tooling needed
Business knowledge and maturity

Chapter 11: Prioritizing Change

Structure of change prioritization
Reviewing strategy and the North Star
Reviewing performance gaps
Fast track pain and gain
Comprehensive pain and gain

Chapter 12: Building the Change Portfolio

Defining capability items for change
Logical dependencies
Estimates, resources, and calendar constraints

Chapter 13: Freedom within a Framework

PRG Business Architecture Framework
Arguments from incumbent professionals
Drivers for business architecture adoption
Organizational strategic response examples

The practical approach described in this book can help you as a business architect, analyst, or manager, create reusable, adaptable, and manageable knowledge of your organization. Apply the full lifecycle from business strategy through implementation, and identify the required knowledge domains. Convert business strategy into usable and effective business designs which optimize investment decisions. Articulate what domain knowledge (the dots) needs to be collected, how these are connected, and which combinations provide the greatest opportunity if corrected. The book covers the main business architecture stages of ‘Define the Business’, ‘Design the Business’, ‘Build the Business’, and ‘Operate the Business’. Build models of the external ecosystem, business stakeholders, business information, business processes, business capabilities, change prioritization, and performance management systems to support your change journey.

This book is an essential companion guide for new business architects and analysts, and a valuable reference for experienced architects to enhance their practice.

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Roger T. Burlton is the founder of Process Renewal Group, a consulting and training organization he founded in 1993. He is an industry pioneer in Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Architecture, having established many industry methods and techniques now commonly found in practice in organizations worldwide. In addition, he is a respected thought leader, practitioner, and coach helping companies and governments with strategic methods for improving business performance. Roger has presented over 250 training sessions globally and has worked with over 200 clients. He was the leader of the global effort that produced the ‘Business Process Manifesto’ and co-author of the ‘Business Agility Manifesto’ with John Zachman and Ronald Ross and the ‘Self Management Principles’ with Sasha Aganova and Doug Kirkpatrick.


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