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Cloud Data Warehousing Volume I: Architecting Data Warehouse, Lakehouse, Mesh, and Fabric

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Cloud Data Warehousing Volume I: Architecting Data Warehouse, Lakehouse, Mesh, and Fabric, by Barry Devlin

Let the sun shine through! The cloud in data warehousing skies is finally clearing as Dr. Barry Devlin builds the architectural and systems foundations for data lakehouse, data fabric, and data mesh, as well as the base cloud data warehouse.



Chapter 1: Cloud Data Warehousing: What and Why?



Chapter 2: Data Warehousing: A Short History

Enter the data warehouse
From logical data warehouse to data fabric
By the data lake we find a lakehouse
Catching the data mess in a data mesh
Data warehousing today—In one picture


Chapter 3: Data Warehousing—Purpose and Principles

The Purpose of Cloud Data Warehousing
One last time: data vs. information
Seven deadly sins of data warehousing
Five foundational principles of cloud data warehousing
Three thinking spaces for cloud data warehousing


Chapter 4: Cloud Data Warehousing Logical Architecture

Information domains and types
The tri-domain+ information model
Introducing information pillars
Fleshing out the function


Chapter 5: Blue Skies and Cloud Architecture

It’s the AI, stupid
Technology-driven evolution


Chapter 6: The Journey to Cloud Data Warehousing

Now, architectural design patterns
Starting point: Existing on-premises DWC
Migration from the DWC
Starting point: Existing on-premises or cloud DLC
Migration from the DLC
Starting Point: Ongoing cloud uptake


Chapter 7: And that’s a Wrap


The past five years has seen an explosion of innovation and new technical forms as cloud data warehousing has gone mainstream. But confusion has grown too. After all, the business needs are largely unchanged. So, why are there so many options and approaches? How do they differ? Which one may be the best choice? And why?

In this first volume of a two-part series, Dr. Barry Devlin—a founder of the entire data warehousing industry—offers initial answers these questions. Drawing lessons from the long history of data warehousing, he defines an all-embracing architecture and draws specific architectural design patterns for each of these modern approaches. And he discusses the various choices and paths from current systems to the different cloud solutions.

Volume II expands further on the architectural considerations and offers deeper dives into cloud data warehouse, data fabric, data lakehouse, and data mesh. It also offers an independent view of their strengths and weaknesses.

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About Barry

Dr. Barry Devlin is among the foremost authorities on business insight and one of the founders of data warehousing in 1988. With over 40 years of IT experience, including 20 years with IBM as a Distinguished Engineer, he is a widely respected analyst, consultant, lecturer, and author of “Data Warehouse—from Architecture to Implementation” and “Business unIntelligence—Insight and Innovation beyond Analytics and Big Data,” and numerous White Papers. As founder and principal of 9sight Consulting (, Barry develops new architectural models and provides international, strategic thought-leadership from Cornwall.


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