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The Hidden Corporation

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The Hidden Corporation: A Data Management Security Novel, by David Schlesinger

If you wonder why good companies lose lots of personal information, and are not sure if your company is immune from this disaster, this insightful book shines a bright light on the hidden processes in most companies where data governance and information security are usually absent. These gaps are often the root cause of sensitive data loss.


CHAPTER 1: Crisis Uncovered

“C” Level Status Meeting the Next Day
Chief Information Security Officer’s Decision
Nancy MacBaren

CHAPTER 2: Tracking Information

Bill the Developer Knows the Data
Chief Privacy Officer – Doris Diligente’s Realm

CHAPTER 3: What is a Law?

Programs and Databases Fight Back
Policies and Regulations Everywhere
The CEO Meeting on Policies
An Unexpected Supporter
Nancy and Aunt Sally Classify the Kitchen
Second Week – No Light in the Tunnel
Some Classifications are Not Classifications at All

CHAPTER 4: Objects With Warning Labels

Coffee in the Dungeon with Hank
Basel and Nancy Stick Labels on Electrons
Data Analysis and Information Security Join Worldviews

CHAPTER 5: Toward a Solution

The Pace Quickens
Data Never Dies

CHAPTER 6: No News and Bad News

Tough Meetings and Turf Wars
The User That Wasn’t There Logs In

CHAPTER 7: The CEO Conference

The Governance Council Learns Action

Follow cybersecurity specialist Nancy MacBaron who fights in the corporate trenches against criminal hackers intent on stealing her company’s sensitive information, yet discovers hidden data security gaps in her corporation while investigating a data theft.

The world’s first data security business novel is an accessible way to illuminate hidden data dangers while explaining some of the cybersecurity challenges of today.

Called into her boss’s office early one morning, Nancy MacBaron is given dual assignments: one, to help locate the person who is holding their data for ransom, and two, investigate how their information management process allowed such a huge amount of sensitive information to be stolen. Amidst the rivalry among departments, and the pressure of financial disaster for the company, Nancy begins a journey of discovery that shows her a landscape of data process activity that nobody is coordinating or even really aware exists.

Nancy confers with a number of people, some helpful, some resentful of outsiders, all adding more pieces to the puzzle. Amidst the new ideas, old work habits, and personal conflicts Nancy begins to recognize hidden and ungoverned gaps within the corporation along with following clues to find the criminal before the company’s data is auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Follow Nancy as she gathers different perspectives from developers, data architects, managers, attorneys, cybersecurity specialists, data governance groups, law enforcement, and members of her own family to formulate a method to protect sensitive information that coordinates the expertise of many business groups to eliminate gaps in The Hidden Corporation.

About David

David Schlesinger has 25 years of experience in information technology and data security management. He is CISSP certified in cybersecurity and is on the Board of Directors of the Phoenix ISSA, a security professional association. David has authored two US Patents for data governance methods that use Metadata classifications to audit and automate user rights and regulatory compliance, and speaks widely at data management and security conferences. He is a Senior Security Architect and currently consults with commercial and government organizations on information protection involving enhanced Metadata, self-aware data architecture, data classification practices, and information regulatory compliance.


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