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Data Privacy Across Borders

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Data Privacy Across Borders: Crafting Corporate Strategies, by Lambert Hogenhout and Amanda Wang

Apply a step-by-step approach to develop your organization’s global data privacy strategy.


Chapter1: About Data Privacy Regulations

Historical context
Key concepts and terminology
Motivations behind data privacy regulations
Societal considerations

Chapter 2: About Personal Data

Defining personal data
Principles for protecting personal data

Chapter 3: The Global Landscape of Data Privacy Regulations

The European Union
The United States
South Africa
Comparing privacy regulations

Chapter 4: The Challenges of Data Privacy in Multinational Organizations

Organizational data flows
Cross-border data transfers
Legal and regulatory challenges
Cultural and ethical considerations

Chapter 5: Creating a Strategy

The strategy design process
Assess risks
Decide on a high-level approach
Analyze your possible elements
Decide on a high-level strategy
Work out the details
Technology Strategy
Data Processing Strategy
Optimizing data flows
Consent management
The use of data protection impact assessments
Privacy by Design
Interplay between data privacy strategy and data strategy
Other strategies and frameworks in your organization

Chapter 6: Strategy Implementation

Creating an implementation plan
Company culture

Chapter 7: Emerging Technologies’ Impact on Data Privacy

Artificial intelligence
Internet of Things (IoT)
Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)
Secure environments
The Metaverse

Apply a step-by-step approach to develop your organization’s global data privacy strategy.

Data is everywhere. Organizations continuously use data in new ways, often generating cross-border data flows. At the same time, concern about the use of personal data is growing. Every year, more countries adopt data privacy laws and our expectations increase on how companies respect our private data. A data privacy strategy is no longer just about compliance—it is good business. A clear and effective data privacy program can build customer trust and strengthen a brand’s reputation.

We cover the art of crafting an effective data privacy strategy that aligns with business objectives and brand positioning yet ensures compliance with relevant laws. Gain a foundational understanding of data privacy issues as a prerequisite to developing a custom strategy. Use our review of the major legislations around the world to guide you in creating a data privacy strategy. Benefit from our insights on the relation between data privacy programs and a data strategy, an IT strategy, and risk management frameworks. Be able to apply methodologies to help you stay on track, such as Privacy by Design and data minimization. Incorporate the cultural and ethical considerations of data privacy across different countries where you may operate. Know how emerging privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) can be powerful tools in implementing your strategy, and pinpoint the intersection between data privacy and AI.

The stakes for data privacy have never been higher and this book will help you up your game.

About Lambert and Amanda

Lambert Hogenhout is Chief Data, Analytics and Emerging Technologies at the United Nations. He has 10 years of experience in international data management. He was co-chair of the UN committee that created the UN’s Data Privacy principles and continues to be deeply involved in data privacy policy making at the UN. He is a Certified Information Privacy Technologist and Manager (CIPT, CIPM).

Amanda Wang is an Information Systems Officer in the United Nations. She has over 20 years of experience in the areas of data management and information systems, and is actively involved in data privacy initiatives. She has previously passed the following certification exams: IAPP’s Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT), IAPP’s Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and DAMA’s Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP-data fundamentals).


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