The FruITion Trilogy

The FruITion Trilogy, by Chris Potts

Chris Potts Informal 300 dpiChris is a hands-on corporate strategist, a mentor to executives, Enterprise Architects and Portfolio Managers, an award-winning speaker and a writer. He specializes in results-driven strategies for enterprise investment, enterprise architecture, and investing in change. He is the author of the world’s only trilogy of business novels, The FruITion Trology – FruITion, RecrEation and DefrICtion – published exclusively by Technics Publications.

fruITion: Creating the Ultimate Corporate Strategy for Information Technology

front coverIan is a CIO who is about to go on a journey of change.  He will be expected to explore, challenge and radically recast the complex, often hostile relationships that can exist between a business and the people in its IT department.  On the way, Ian and other key stakeholders, experience a transformation in how a business needs to think about the value of its IT people and the work that they do. This results in some truly groundbreaking innovations in the scope and contribution of Ian’s role as CIO, the people that work for him and the strategy that he leads. Read more…

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recrEAtion: Realizing the Extraordinary Contribution of Your Enterprise Architects

recreationfront_lowresSimon is a seasoned Enterprise Architect who joins a corporation in New York as their first-ever Vice President of Enterprise Architecture.  On his very first day, he meets the global CEO who asks Simon ‘What do you do?’  Simon’s reply triggers the CEO to respond in a way that our hero least expects.   What follows is a journey across continents and oceans in which Simon uncovers the true meaning of Enterprise Architecture, who is doing it, and how successful they are.  Read more…

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DefrICtion: Unleashing your Enterprise to Create Value from Change


In this conclusion to the trilogy that began with FruITion and continued with RecrEation, Michael, CEO of a $64 billion global corporation, finds that the consequences for everyone are part cultural, part structural, and part operational. They mean challenging some of the orthodoxies that were supposed to solve the problem but have made things worse instead. What will he choose to do? Read more…

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