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The FruITion Trilogy


The FruITion Trilogy, by Chris Potts
A fictional saga about change
“Change is not the end”


Chris is the author of the world’s only trilogy of business novels. His books are written as first-person stories – with a different narrator each time – based on three decades of hands-on work and as a mentor and trainer, in the inter-related disciplines of Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management. Chris’s storytelling draws on elements of corporate strategy, economics, behavioural psychology and film theory. Like life itself, you can either take the books on face value, or“read between the lines” and discover what else is going on.


What happens when corporate strategists take over the IT agenda?

Ian Taylor, CIO, discovers the answer, what it means for him personally and for everyone else involved. In just over a week, he has to innovate rapidly and radically. Success depends on transforming how his business thinks about IT, the value of its IT people and the relationships they have with everyone else. Ian must also decide whether he is himself a corporate strategist – and, if so, what kind of strategy is he and his team really leading?

From readers’ most underlined quotes on Kindle:
“Rather than start with IT and put a value on it, we wanted to start with value and see where IT fitted in.”

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Who, in truth, are the architects of your enterprise?

Simon Rathbone, who we first met in Fruition, turns up at a new job in New York as the company’s first-ever Vice President of Enterprise Architecture. His Chief Executive Officer, it turns out, knows a lot about enterprise and architecture, and sends our Simon on a journey across continents and oceans. Our hero uncovers the true meaning and value of Enterprise Architecture, who’s doing it and how successful they are, and what his own role must become.

From readers’ most underlined quotes on Kindle:
“The ‘end game’ of Enterprise Architecture is to become integral to mainstream business management.”

Great review of recrEAtion published in the Enterprise Architecture Journal and republished in the Data Administration newsletter.


How can we inspire people to deliver as much value as they can from all the changes we invest in?

Michael F. Rodgers, the global CEO from Recreation, has some unexpected and challenging thoughts while reading a hard-to-believe Business Case in the bathtub one Wednesday night. Then, a dinner conversation with Ian Taylor from Fruition fundamentally alters Michael’s perception of what culture and capabilities his company needs, if it is ever going to succeed at investing in change. His Chief Financial Officer, he thinks, probably isn’t going to like it.

From readers’ most underlined quotes on Kindle:
“Start with your goals and find the best changes to invest in, rather than start with changes people want to make and align them with your goals.”


Is there something very wrong with how we’re dealing with change?

Becky Chekhova, Defriction’s SVP for Investing in Change, is called to the CEO’s office with the other two members of the ‘dynamic trio’, just as it’s time to go home. Their Enterprise Investment team has a new member: the global SVP for Innovation. The CEO launches their next big adventure: merging change and operations into one governance structure, centered on operational managers. He wants just one picture, that will need to go viral. “Think big.” he tells them, “Scale down to the details only where we need them.”


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