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Michael Brackett Data Resource Simplexity Collection – all six books on PebbleU and in PDF Instant Downloads

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The Data Resource Simplexity Series, by Michael Brackett

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Data Resource Simplexity

This first book in the series explains how a data resource goes disparate, how to stop that trend toward disparity, and how to develop a high quality, comparate data resource. It explains both the architectural and the cultural aspects of developing a comparate data resource. It explains how to manage data as a critical resource equivalent to the other critical resources of an organization—finances, human resource, and real property.

Data Resource Integration

This second book in the series explains how to go about understanding and resolving a disparate data resource and creating a comparate data resource that fully meets an organization’s current and future business information demand. It explains the concepts, principles, and techniques for understanding a disparate data resource within the context of a common data architecture, and resolving that disparity with minimum impact on the business.

Data Resource Design

This third book in the series describes how to formally design an organization’s data resource to meet its current and future business information demand. It describes the concepts, principles, and techniques for building a high quality data resource based on an organization’s perception of the business world in which they operate.

Data Resource Data

This fourth book in the series provides the complete detailed data resource model for understanding and managing data as a critical resource of the organization. The model presents formal data resource data as a replacement for the relatively ineffective meta-data. It provides a formal data resource model that can be easily implemented by any organization.

Data Resource Understanding

This fifth book in the series is the companion book to Data Resource Data. It provides a detailed explanation of how to thoroughly understand an organization’s data resource and to document that understanding with Data Resource Data. Together they provide an organization with the foundation for managing their data as a critical resource.

Data Resource Guide

This sixth book in the series provides the detailed specifications for developing a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to document the data resource understanding and make that understanding readily available to anyone in the organization.


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