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The Enrichment Game

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The Enrichment Game, by Doug Needham

Getting the most from your data requires winning the Enrichment game. Learn the game rules and fit the “pieces,” processes, and people together to achieve a high score in data quality and data useability.


Chapter 1: Processes

Chapter 2: Pieces

Data elements

Chapter 3: People


Chapter 4: Movement

The scientific method

Chapter 5: Strategy


Chapter 6: The Enriched Enterprise

Are you ready?
Are your customers ready?
Is your organization ready?
How does this fit into business strategy?

Chapter 7: Play the Game!

First, demonstrate the value of the data our organizations gather, protect, and, in some cases, share. Second, enrich the available data by providing more context on the meaning of the data. Chief data officers, data strategists, data architects, data managers, data scientists, business analysts, and data governance and business intelligence professionals all play the game, and therefore need to read this book to understand how to “win.”

Understand your data and the insights possible from this data, and you win the game. Organizations must understand how data answers questions, performs research, provides insights, forecasts the future, and recommends new ways of doing business. To do this successfully, we enrich data from one application with data from other applications or outside sources, and create an enrichment platform for knowledge workers. Those who can do this successfully can show data in ways that are unexpected and surprising.

In addition to learning about enrichment, this book shares invaluable analogies to explain data management and Agile practices. The Boxer analogy, for example, explains why agility is useless without stability. Likewise, agile principles become chaotic if changing an unstable environment without best practices for keeping track of where your data came from, where it is going, and how to derive insights.

Are you ready to get the most from your data? Play the enrichment game!

About Doug

“The Data Guy” Needham started his career as a Marine Database Administrator supporting operational systems that spanned the globe in support of the Marine Corps missions. Since then, Doug has worked as a consultant, data engineer, and data architect for enterprises of all sizes. He is currently working as a data scientist tinkering with graphs and enrichment platforms – showing others how to get more meaning from data.


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