Data for Business Performance: The Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) Model to Transform Business Data into an Enterprise Asset

Disrupting Data Governance: A Call to Action

Data governance is broken. It’s time we fix it.

Laura Madsen shows you how to redefine governance for the modern age. With a casual, witty style Madsen taps on her decades of experience, shares interviews with other best-in-field experts and grounds her perspective in research. Witness where it all fell apart, challenge long-held beliefs, and commit to a fundamental shift—that governance is not about stopping or preventing usage but about supporting the usage of data. Be able to bring back trust and value to our data governance functions, and learn the:

  • People-driven approach to governance
  • Processes that support the tsunami of data
  • Cutting edge technology that’s enabling data governance

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Chapter 1: People
Let’s talk about stewardship
The tightrope of governance
Active versus passive management
A switcheroo
Success metrics
Risk assessment
Update your job descriptions
Organizational alignment

Chapter 2: Process
Stuff to stop doing
Stuff to start doing
You break it we fix it
Prioritization and product owners
Love Your errors

Chapter 3: Technology
Data Governance is not about technology
A refresher
How to train your data
Right brain left brain
ML framework
AI/ML in data governance
Data catalogs
Where to start
It’s just a tool
Data Quality Dashboard

Chapter 4: Data Culture and Change Management
What is culture and why does it matter?
Data culture
This is personal
The experts weigh in
The messy middle
Hallmarks of a job well done
Simply complicated
Plan the work…work the plan

Chapter 5: Data Quality
The Data Quality Imperative
What we test
How we test
There are just more “hooks”

Chapter 6: Putting it all Together
Trust, value and a broken chain
People first
A list of stuff to do
Data Governance Ops (DGOps) a beginning
The DGOps tenets
Communicate, communicate, communicate
The tech

Appendix A: Marketing and Communications Plan
Appendix B: The What and How of Tests
Appendix C: Reading List

About Laura

Laura Madsen has over 20 years of experience in data governance and analytics, and is a frequent conference speaker. She’s a selfless champion for diversity, inclusion and gender equity matters through organizations like Sistech. Laura co-founded the Minneapolis-based consulting firm Via Gurus with the focus of helping companies define and execute successful data strategies. You should also know Laura is a Halestorm fan, myth-buster, BS caller, and has perfected the art of cynicism.


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