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Crimes Against Data

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Crimes Against Data: 101 true crime stories of people abusing and misusing data, by Merrill Albert

Read true crime stories of people abusing and misusing data.


The Origin Story

Chapter 1: Crimes Against Addresses

Chapter 2: Crimes Against Names

Chapter 3: Crimes Against Phone Numbers

Chapter 4: Crimes Against Accounts

Chapter 5: Crimes Against Products

Chapter 6: Crimes Against Defaults

Chapter 7: Crimes Against Identifying Data

Chapter 8: Crimes Against Storing Data

Chapter 9: Crimes Against Business Rules

Chapter 10: Crimes Against the English Language

Chapter 11: Crimes Against Pandemic Data

Chapter 12: Crimes Against Using Data

Chapter 13: Preventing Data Crimes

Chapter 14: Closing Remarks

Just because there’s data doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right data or people are using it properly. And as the saying goes, those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.  Documenting and understanding these stories can prevent them from happening again.


Through a career in data, Merrill sees data problems (data crimes) caused by people treating data improperly.  Recognizing data crimes is the first step in getting a resolution. This book details incidents of data crimes and their impact.  Although not the person who created the data crime, Merrill can analyze what happened and propose a solution.


For people working in data, understanding data crimes and preventing them is essential to your organization.  This book gives you specific stories you can share to explain the importance of getting the data right. For people being potential victims of data crimes, awareness will help you steer clear of data crimes, or interact with the offender to come to a resolution. You might finally understand why companies keep making mistakes.

About Merrill

Merrill has had the ultimate career of working in data.  Starting with a BMath degree from the University of Waterloo, Merrill has worked consistently with companies across all industries to help them better manage their data to drive value from it.  Being exposed to a wide variety of companies, Merrill has been able to see the same problems happening time and again, often caused by people not recognizing the value data brings to an organization and what happens when the data is mismanaged.  Through education, coaching, and hands-on work, Merrill has been able to share her knowledge with companies to help them better improve their data infrastructure and prevent creating the next data crime.


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