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Competing to Win


Competing to Win: Lessons Learned for Reaching the Next Level of Organizational Performance, by Ted Marra

What? Another management book? You will find And People? to be refreshingly different. Its Eastern European perspective, enhanced with best practices and research studies, will reveal the secrets for successfully leading and managing people. Part textbook, part handbook, each word is crafted based upon author Ivica Vrancic’s 20 years of experience in management and consulting, which includes working with hundreds of managers from all hierarchy levels.


Chapter one: charting your destiny with the business model

Getting down to business – the “business model” that is!
Critical components of the business model
Leadership team
Shared purpose
Culture and shared values
Principles of engagement
Summary questions for senior management based on this chapter

Chapter two: planning and executing through alignment

Making the vision a reality
Critical components of alignment
Summary questions for senior management based on this chapter

Chapter three: creating and delivering value, part i

Value – getting the recipe right
Building organizational capability in critical areas
Summary questions for senior management based on this chapter


Chapter four: creating and delivering value, part ii

Nine sources of value
Brand, image/reputation and that feel good feeling
Business process
Customer support
Customer engagement
Summary questions for senior management based on this chapter

Chapter five: leveraging your sensing system, part i

Whiskers of a cat
Sensing system
Some examples
Overall stakeholder relationship feedback
Summary questions for senior management based on this chapter


Chapter six: leveraging your sensing system, part ii

Balanced scorecard – in the beginning…
Some potential traps to watch out for
Summary questions for senior management based on this chapter

Chapter seven: looking to the future

Next generation of the balanced scorecard
Operational excellence (oe)
Human performance excellence (hpe)
Agility and resiliency
Societal benefits
Technology, information architecture and networking
Relationship mastery
Value creation and delivery
Competitiveness and profitable growth
Summary questions for senior management based on this chapter

  1. What does it take to build and maintain a truly enduring and continuously successful business – one
    that stands the test of time, turbulence and change and despite all that has continued to set the standard for performance and excellence by which other organizations are measured?
  2. What really makes your organization unique? What really distinguishes us in the minds of our customers or other key stakeholders – makes us stand out in a way that motivates customers to want to do business or have a relationship with us rather than a competitor? What are those most important factors which form the foundation of that uniqueness and our competitiveness as an organization?
  3. Have you and your leadership team described your business model in a clear and understandable manner that any employee could grasp? Have you examined each component of that business model to identify the value it adds to the long-term future success of your business? This includes the leadership team itself, culture, values, beliefs, core shared purpose, renewal (integration of innovation, adaptation and learning), principles of engagement (sustainability, governance, corporate social responsibility), and vision. What are your conclusions? What actions should you now take?


These questions and over 150 more equally stimulating and change-provoking questions are raised and explored within this concise text. As senior executives, you always have many areas where you can focus your attention—paths along which you can guide your organization to enable it to ultimately reach its full competitive potential. Guide your organization to its competitive potential by answering the questions within this text and by applying Dr. Ted Marra’s approach to developing a working business model and crystal clear vision.

Dr. Ted Marra has lived and worked in 37 countries during the past 40 years, helping over 155 organizations from virtually every industry and sector.

About Ted

Well known strategic facilitator and organizational mentor Ted Marra has taught and lectured in a number of universities in Boston, Detroit, the UK, Croatia and Switzerland. His focus has been on Strategic Leadership and Strategic Stakeholder Relationships. Most recently he has undertaken to develop a new decision science model called “Hyper-Decision Making” as a part of his collaboration with Informed Decisions in Sweden. Marra is the author of numerous reports and articles for The Conference Board in New York as well as noted European journals such as the European Journal of Quality. He has consulted widely with some 155 organizations in 37 countries over 40 years and has led transformation initiatives in some of the world’s most prominent companies. He also has focused time and attention on a strategy for re-inventing education that extends to building a globally competitive workforce and minimizing youth unemployment which was begun on behalf of the Prime Minister of Australia. Ted was also Senior Policy Advisor for President Reagan and has held management positions with such organizations as General Motors, Goodyear, Firestone, Babcock & Wilcox, Walker:CSM (Indianapolis) and TARP (Washington D.C.) as well as owning and operating two consulting companies – MQI in Boston and The Centre for Innovation Management Europe Ltd. in the U.K.


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