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Roger Burlton’s A Foundation For All Things Process (6+ hour course) plus Business Architecture on PebbleU plus PDF Instant Download

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Roger Burlton’s A Foundation For All Things Process (6+ hour course) plus Business Architecture on PebbleU plus PDF Instant Download

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A Foundation For All Things Process

This PebbleU collection includes the full-day course that Roger Burlton taught at Data Modeling Zone: A Foundation For All Things Process.

This working session provides the foundation for the full range of practices from strategic to tactical Business Process Management. It is based on proven formal methods and over twenty years of practical experience of the hundreds of projects conducted by Process Renewal Group and the sage advice found by the leaders at the knowledge portal: It provides an overview and discussion of the principles, concepts and techniques required to master business processes.

The seminar introduces a systematic approach for your company’s business process architecture and for modeling and redesigning specific processes within it as well as with the prioritization of capability change. It provides a solid basis for newbies and a great refresher for anyone experienced with processes, from architects, analysts, designers and change practitioners. This session establishes a sound baseline and a common language for all work management innovation and process renewal. It will tackle traditional process management and cover the differences required by a digitalized approach which requires an emphasis on data integrity from end to end.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Why Business Processes and BPM are still essential in a world of Agile
  • Core attributes of a Business Process
  • Guidelines from the Business Process Manifesto and the Business Agility Manifesto developed by the presenters
  • Development of a Process Architecture
  • Populating a Process Scoping Canvas
  • A BPM Methodology: from Architecture to Process Models
  • How digitalization changes the methodology


This session will feature:

  • Several working session taking a case study through the stages of a process journey
  • High interaction with the facilitators
  • Guidelines in assuring your business will remain Agile in conducting effective process work
  • Some techniques to get the culture to change and the solutions to stick afterwards


There are four parts to this video:

  • Process, Modeling, Design, and Architecture Overview. This first video in the series introduces basic process and architecture concepts. The importance of knowing and documenting business processes is explained, as well as the importance of identifying the value of each business process and the dependencies among the processes. The business process management (BPM) methodology is introduced as well.
  • Enterprise Level Modeling. This second video in the series covers the data and process artifacts that need to be produced at the enterprise level. Learn about a number of essential deliverables including the business concept model, value chain analysis, and process standards.
  • Process Level Modeling: Understand and Analyze. This third video in the series focuses on “doing the work”. We categorize business value in terms of exchanges, expectations, and experience and then cover process-centric measures in terms of agility, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency. Learn how to create Process Scope Diagrams, also known as IGOEs (Inputs, Guides, Outputs, and Enablers). Practice the basics of the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and create a series of process flows.
  • Process Level Modeling: Redesign and Implement. This fourth video in the series covers how to reverse a fishbone diagram to avoid risk, and how to find solution patterns. We discuss how to change business and operating models, and how to assess and test your models through scenario analysis.

A Foundation For All Things Process

The practical approach described in this book can help you as a business architect, analyst, or manager, create reusable, adaptable, and manageable knowledge of your organization. Apply the full lifecycle from business strategy through implementation, and identify the required knowledge domains. Convert business strategy into usable and effective business designs which optimize investment decisions. Articulate what domain knowledge (the dots) needs to be collected, how these are connected, and which combinations provide the greatest opportunity if corrected. The book covers the main business architecture stages of ‘Define the Business’, ‘Design the Business’, ‘Build the Business’, and ‘Operate the Business’. Build models of the external ecosystem, business stakeholders, business information, business processes, business capabilities, change prioritization, and performance management systems to support your change journey.

This book is an essential companion guide for new business architects and analysts, and a valuable reference for experienced architects to enhance their practice.

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Roger T. Burlton is the founder of Process Renewal Group, a consulting and training organization he founded in 1993. He is an industry pioneer in Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Architecture, having established many industry methods and techniques now commonly found in practice in organizations worldwide. In addition, he is a respected thought leader, practitioner, and coach helping companies and governments with strategic methods for improving business performance. Roger has presented over 250 training sessions globally and has worked with over 200 clients. He was the leader of the global effort that produced the ‘Business Process Manifesto’ and co-author of the ‘Business Agility Manifesto’ with John Zachman and Ronald Ross and the ‘Self Management Principles’ with Sasha Aganova and Doug Kirkpatrick.


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