Technics Publications

Fact Oriented Modeling

Fact Oriented Modeling with FCO-IM: Capturing Business Semantics in Data Models with Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling, by Jan Pieter Zwart, Marco Engelbart, and Stijn Hoppenbrouwers This book offers a complete basic course in Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM), a Fact Oriented Modeling (FOM) data modeling technique. The book is suitable for self-study by beginner […]

Data Modeling Zone

After four years, Data Modeling Zone (DMZ) is back! Rising from the ashes, just like a phoenix rising. And, fitting, in Phoenix! February 27-March 1, 2024. Applications deliver value only when the underlying applications meets user needs. Yet organizations spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours every year developing solutions that fail to deliver. […]

NoSQL and SQL Data Modeling

NoSQL and SQL Data Modeling: Bringing Together Data, Semantics, and Software, by Ted Hills How do we design for data when traditional design techniques cannot extend to new database technologies? Topics Introduction Taking Care of DataPlant Change Control 2.0Where did the Savings Come From?Why Model?Why COMN?Book OutlineBook AudienceNoSQL Database DeveloperSQL Database DeveloperData ModelerSoftware DeveloperOntologist Part I: Real […]

Data for Business Performance

Data for Business Performance: The Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) Model to Transform Business Data into an Enterprise Asset, by Prashanth Southekal Master how to leverage your data to improve business performance. Topics   PART I: DEFINE     CHAPTER 1: ESTABLISHING THE TERMINOLOGY Understanding the GQM ModelUnderstanding DataUnderstanding the EnterpriseAssociating Enterprise and DataUnderstanding the AssetUnderstanding TransformationData and Business […]

Data Model Storytelling

Data Model Storytelling: An Agile Approach to Maximizing the Value of Data Management, by Larry Burns What value does data modeling contribute to an organization, and how can that value be increased? Topics   Section I: Data Model Storytelling   Chapter 1: The Data Model, Reimagined The Purpose of Data ModelsThe Infamous “Timesheet” Example, RevisitedLogical vs. […]

The Unified Star Schema

The Unified Star Schema: An Agile and Resilient Approach to Data Warehouse and Analytics Design, by Bill Inmon and Francesco Puppini Master the most agile and resilient design for building analytics applications: the Unified Star Schema (USS) approach. The USS has many benefits over traditional dimensional modeling. Witness the power of the USS as a single star […]

Enterprise Architecture Made Simple

Enterprise Architecture Made Simple: Using the Ready, Set, Go Approach to Achieving Information Centricity, by Håkan Edvinsson and Lottie Aderinne Learn how to institute and implement enterprise architecture in your organization. You can make a quick start and establish a baseline for your enterprise architecture within ten weeks, then grow and stabilize the architecture over time […]

Capturing the Organization Organism

Capturing the Organization Organism: An Outside-In Approach to Enterprise Architecture, by John Alexander This book will demystify Enterprise Architecture (EA), demonstrate its usefulness, and empower you to make EA an integral part of your organization’s business management and forward planning. Topics Chapter 1: About Enterprise Architecture Traditional approachesZachman FrameworkTOGAFIssues with traditional approaches Chapter 2: Organization as […]