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Show your organization their data is in the right hands.

The Data Modeling Certification (DMC) is the most important industry recognized certification for data modelers. Passing the very challenging exam earns you a place among an elite group of practitioners who have proven their data modeling competence.

The 100-question multiple-choice DMC exam requires a passing score of 90, restricts the time to 90 minutes (120 minutes if English is your second language), and spans 100 categories across these ten areas of expertise:

  1. Syntax
  2. Components (entities, relationships, attributes, keys, domains, subtypes)
  3. Process and approach
  4. Conceptual, logical, and physical
  5. Relational and dimensional
  6. Notations
  7. Abstraction
  8. Naming standards
  9. Definitions
  10. Best practices and pitfalls


Then, if you feel you’re ready for the full exam, complete the application for the full exam on this page and pay the $199 exam fee (contact us about team discounts). After payment, we will contact you to schedule the exam. In addition to having data modeling experience, the data modeling books, conferences, and courses mentioned on this site can help you prepare to take the DMC.

Exam integrity is our highest priority. Therefore, a live proctor will be present (through Zoom video) during the length of the exam. In addition, several technical checks are put in place to detect if a test taker is trying to look up answers. Someone caught cheating will not receive a refund and be banned from taking the test again. Pooling from over 350 questions plus randomizing questions and answers makes no two exams identical.

You will receive the DMC certificate immediately after passing. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with a personal LinkedIn DMC badge and a request to join the DMC Hall of Fame. In addition, you will be registered in our verification system so that employers can verify your certification credentials. If you do not pass, you have a second chance to take the exam at no charge. If you do not pass this second time, you will need to register again.

In addition to our English-language offering, we also provide the opportunity to complete the DMC Pre-Certification Assessment and Examination in German. The seminar series for German-speaking participants is conducted by our long-term partner TEDAMOH. Visit TEDAMOH Academy for additional information on content and upcoming dates.

Register for the exam

Entitles up to two attempts to pass the DMC exam. If you do not pass on your first attempt, you will have a second chance to take the exam between three and five weeks later at no charge.


Take the free assessment

Complete the form to the right to take the free 20-question Data Modeling Pre-Certification Assessment. It’s a good idea to take the free assessment before paying for the exam.

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