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PebbleU is a subscription-based training platform that educates employees on data-related topics using thousands of ebooks, research papers, and educational videos. The material is grouped into “pebbles” that support micro-learning and traditional skillset pathways. Learning is reinforced using certifications, quizzes, highlights, notes, and social media. Access through the Web or via the PebbleU Apple and Android apps, online or offline.

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    4 pillars of digital transformation

    Discipline Data Governance, Data Strategy, Data Management, Data Modeling, Data Architecture, Data Quality, Data Literacy, Databases, and Semantics
    Discovery Analytics, Statistics, AI, Robotics, Data Science, Machine Learning, BI, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Visualization, and Storytelling
    Development Agile, UI Design, Distributed Ledger, Integration, Networking, Operations, Programming Languages and Tools, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing
    Direction Business Analysis, Culture, Communication, Enterprise Architecture, BPM, Leadership, Management, Privacy, and Security

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