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AI and Algorithms: Mastering Legal and Ethical Compliance, by Arnoud Engelfriet

Written for legal professionals, compliance officers, and AI product managers, this book provides the keys to understanding the evolving landscape of AI law, presenting clear, actionable insights on how to apply Europe’s legal rules and ethical guidelines in AI design, deployment, and oversight.


Chapter 1: Exploring the AI Landscape

Chapter 2: Unraveling the European AI Act

Chapter 3: Reinforcing Human Agency and Oversight in AI

Chapter 4: Robustness, Reliability, and Safeguards

Chapter 5: Data Governance and Privacy in AI Systems

Chapter 6: Emphasizing Transparency in AI Operations

Chapter 7: Fostering Fairness, Diversity, and Non-discrimination

Chapter 8: Societal and Environmental Implications of AI Systems

Chapter 9: Accountability and Redress

Chapter 10: Bringing it all together Arnoud Engelfriet (1974) is an IT lawyer and European patent attorney. With his computer science background, he likes to focus on complex technical/legal IT issues, such as open source software and machine learning. His blog, lus Mentis, is one of the most popular in the Netherlands about IT and law. Arnoud has published over a dozen best-selling books on IT and law. 

Arnoud is partner and Chief Knowledge Officer at ICTRecht Legal Services in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Among other things, he is the principal lecturer of the CAICO® course for AI Compliance Officers. Around is also a part-time lecturer at the Vriji Universiteit Amsterdam, co-founder of legal tech company JuriBlox, and principal designer of the contract scanner AI Lynn Legal.

About Arnoud

Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Production Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Crete, shifted to Computer Science through a Masters in Information Systems & Technology, and then to Data Science through a PhD in Machine Learning. He has worked at Georgia Tech as a Research Fellow, at an e-marketing startup in Cyprus as an SEO manager, and as a Data Scientist in both Elavon (GA) and G2 Web Services (WA). He also was a Program Manager at Microsoft on a data analytics pipeline for Bing. Zacharias has authored several books on Data Science, mentors aspiring data scientists, and maintains a Data Science and AI blog. Currently, he works as a consultant at GLG.


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