Dream Snatcher Print Version

Dream Snatcher Print Version


Dream Snatcher Print Version

Some people dream in black and white. Some people dream in color. But Jenn’s dreams are dark, and getting more perverse and twisted with each passing night. By day, she is a straight-A student, a hard-working waitress, and a dedicated girlfriend. But, when she turns out the lights and falls asleep, nothing is normal. Her boyfriend, Siyo, is using an ancient artifact called a Dream Snatcher to control her dreams and fulfill his darkest desires. Siyo weaves a story where sensual-seeking characters satisfy his carnal cravings, often at Jenn’s expense: A lusty leprechaun ferrets fortune, a wicked witch fulfills fetishes, a vicious vampire steals sweets, a perverted puppet craves control. Under Siyo’s command, Jenn struggles to balance integrity with indulgence, love with lust, and loyalty with letting go. Will the Dream Snatcher strengthen their relationship…or tear it apart?

Dream Snatcher contains over 70 illustrations, and each chapter ends with a seductive recipe!

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