Hadoop is Dead… Long Live Hadoop (April 30, 2 pm-3 pm EDT/UTC-4)

Hadoop is Dead… Long Live Hadoop (April 30, 2 pm-3 pm EDT/UTC-4)


Hadoop has lost some of its gloss, with vendors withdrawing or merging and Cloud now seen as the go-to answer to all data needs. Relational technology has seen a resurgence. So, what of our numerous data lakes? Is it time to drain or even evaporate them? In this webinar, we’ll explore Hadoop’s strengths and weaknesses, status and prospects. And then discuss whether to initiate new Hadoop projects and how modern architectural thinking can re-image your data lakes and warehouses.


About Barry Devlin

Dr. Barry Devlin is a founder of the data warehousing industry, defining its first architecture in 1985. A foremost authority on business intelligence (BI), big data and beyond, he is respected worldwide as a visionary and thought-leader in the evolving industry. Barry has authored two ground-breaking books: the classic “Data Warehouse–from Architecture to Implementation” and “Business unIntelligence–Insight and Innovation Beyond Analytics and Big Data” in 2013 (http://bit.ly/BunI-TP2).

Barry has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, previously with IBM, as a consultant, manager and distinguished engineer. As founder and principal of 9sight Consulting (http://www.9sight.com) in 2008, Barry provides strategic consulting and thought-leadership to buyers and vendors of BI and Big Data solutions. Customer offerings include Readiness Assessments for Digital Transformation and all information-driven undertakings, Evaluations of Data Warehouse and Data Lake implementations, strategic and architectural recommendations. Vendor offerings run from webinars and keynotes to blogs and white papers.

He is an associate editor of TDWI’s Journal of Business Intelligence, and a regular keynote speaker, teacher and writer on all aspects of information creation and use. Barry operates worldwide from Bristol, UK.

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