Do’s and Do Not’s of AI in Data Science (May 18, 10 am-11 am EDT/UTC-4)

Do’s and Do Not’s of AI in Data Science (May 18, 10 am-11 am EDT/UTC-4)


AI has been a disruptive technology in the past few years, yet it has more to offer still, in various industries. However, there are still a few inconsistencies as to how it is used, particularly in data science projects. This webinar will explore how AI can be used effectively and the cases where it cannot add as much value. We’ll also explore future trends of AI technologies as well as the human aspect of this field. We’ll close this webinar with a Q&A session with the speaker.


  • Overview of Data Science
  • Why AI is an essential technology today, esp. when there is an abundance of data available
  • What AI is and what it’s not
  • How AI adds value in data science
  • How AI relates to DS and Privacy
  • Good practices of AI pipelines
  • Things to avoid when dealing with AI systems
  • The human aspect of AI
  • Limitations of AI
  • Future trends in AI technologies
  • Resources for learning more about AI and data science

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About Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris

Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Production Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Crete, shifted to Computer Science through a Masters in Information Systems & Technology, and then to Data Science through a PhD on Machine Learning. He has worked at Georgia Tech as a Research Fellow, at an e-marketing startup in Cyprus as an SEO manager, and as a Data Scientist in both Elavon (GA) and G2 Web Services (WA). He also was a Program Manager at Microsoft, on a data analytics pipeline for Bing. Zacharias has authored several books on Data Science, he mentors aspiring data scientists through Thinkful, and maintains a Data Science / AI blog.

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