Distributed Database (DDBMS) Made Simple Video

Distributed Database (DDBMS) Made Simple Video


Distributed Database (DDBMS) Made Simple Video


  1. Be able to explain distributed databases and their use cases.
  2. Learn how DDMBS and Centralized Databases (CDB) compare.
  3. Become comfortable with the basic concepts of distributed databases.
  4. Learn about database management systems (DBMS), DBMS operations, and the types of databases including Hierarchical DBMS, Network DBMS, Relational DBMS, Object-oriented DBMS, and Distributed DBMS.
  5. Become comfortable with the types of DDBMS.
  6. Learn about homogeneous and heterogeneous databases, and the various distributed data architectures.
  7. Practice fragmentation, replication, and segmentation.
  8. Practice hiding details from the end users using transparency.
  9. Learn about network transparency, fragmentation transparency, and replication transparency.
  10. Practice query processing and optimization, and become competent with relational algebra.
  11. Practice working with transactions, controlling concurrency, and deadlock handling.
  12. Practice replication control, failure, and recovery.

Instructor: Muhammad Faheem

Length: 3 hours

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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