The Definitive Guide to Redis Video

The Definitive Guide to Redis Video


The Definitive Guide to Redis Video


  1. Be able to explain what Redis is and know the differences between Redis and traditional relational databases.
  2. Become comfortable with the role of primary keys and foreign keys.
  3. Witness the power of key-value databases.
  4. Be able to appreciate how Redis can be leveraged in various industries. Many organizations use Redis including craigslist, stackoverflow, Twitter, and Flickr.
  5. Set up the Redis development environment.
  6. Complete the Redis installation including setting up your virtual machine.
  7. Use Redis keys.
  8. Run both the Redis Server and Command Line Interface to  see the powerful feature of Redis keys.
  9. Become proficient with Redis lists.
  10. Practice adding and removing  elements to the list (array).
  11. Practice using hashes. Hashes are similar to dictionaries in Python or hash maps in Java.
  12. Practice storing multiple field values under one key (hash).
  13. Practice working with the Publish Subscribe (Pub/Sub) Pattern.
  14. Leverage Python with Redis using the redis-py library.

Instructor: Luca-Dorin Anton

Length: 1.5 hours

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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