Linear Algebra Essentials Video

Linear Algebra Essentials Video


Linear Algebra Essentials Video


  1. Understand linear algebra concepts. Linear algebra is a continuous form of mathematics that allows us to model natural phenomena and compute them efficiently. Functional analysis is the application of linear algebra to spaces of functions.
  2. Be able to explain vectors which are ordered lists of numbers.
  3. Perform vector addition and multiplication.
  4. Create linear transformations, span, and basis vectors.
  5. Use linear transformations and matrices.
  6. See how linear transformations look in two dimensions and practice more advanced vector multiplication.
  7. Use linear transformations as composition.
  8. Practice matrix multiplication as composition including the use of the Shear Transformation.
  9. Apply transformations in a particular sequence.

Instructor: Advait Jayant

Length: 30 minutes

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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