Google Analytics (GA) Made Simple Video

Google Analytics (GA) Made Simple Video


Google Analytics (GA) Made Simple Video


  1. Be able to explain web analytics as well as Acquisition, Behaviors, Conversion.
  2. Set up an account in Google Analytics, and link a new website to it.
  3. Create and use Audience reports, including Filtration and Secondary dimension in Google Analytics.
  4. Create and use Dashboard reports in Google Analytics, and  how they differ from Audience reports.
  5. Create Acquisition reports in Google Analytics, and how to  leverage this report to make more informed decisions related to marketing  efforts.
  6. Analyze user behavior in terms of viewing your web  pages.
  7. Create marketing campaigns in Google Analytics.
  8. Practice creating text ads, banner ads, social media campaigns, and email campaigns.
  9. Set up goals in Google Analytics.
  10. Link Google Ads with Google Analytics Analyze the Google Ads reports in Google Analytics.
  11. Connect your website to Google Analytics and see how Google Analytics collects data from your website.
  12. Learn how Google Analytics processes data.
  13. Manipulate data through configuration rules.
  14. Apply configuration rules involving data filters, goals, data grouping, custom dimensions, custom metrics, and imported data.

Instructor: Hassan Khan

Length: 3 hours

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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