MongoDB Made Simple Video

MongoDB Made Simple Video


MongoDB Made Simple Video


  1. Learn what NoSQL is and when NoSQL should be used over relational databases.
  2. Understand key-value, document, and graph NoSQL databases, as well as important NoSQL structures such as nested arrays.
  3. Become aware that MongoDB is a document NoSQL database that uses JSON-like documents called BSON.
  4. Learn all about the MongoDB shell (written in Javascript), and the Compass premium and community editions.
  5. Learn about the decisions on whether to embed documents or reference other documents.
  6. Apply the validation levels of Strict (all inserts and updates are checked) and Moderate (existing documents are not checked).
  7. Insert and query data using the MongoDB Shell, Compass, or a programming language (through a MongoDB API).
  8. Practice using PHP to insert data into a MongoDB database.
  9. Practice backing up and restoring your instances using Atlas, MongoDB Cloud Manager, Filesystem copy, and mongodump.
  10. Practice applying replication and sharding to improve the performance of your MongoDB database instances.
  11. Practice embedding and referencing data in MongoDB.
  12. Improve the default security that comes with MongoDB.
  13. Practice enabling authentication, and using TLS/SSL, encryption at rest, and network hardening.
  14. Apply a number of monitoring tools including Mongostat, Mongotop, log files, and several MongoDB commands including DB.serverStatus(), DB.stats(), and DB.collection.stats().

Instructor: Victor Deras

Length: 3 hours

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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