Solr Made Simple Video

Solr Made Simple Video


Solr Made Simple Video


  1. Learn about Solr, which is a Java-based search engine based on the Lucene Library.
  2. Download the necessary Solr files, and create your first Solr instance and core.
  3. Configure your Solr instance and core to fit your needs.
  4. Learn what a Solr schema is, and how Solr handles information.
  5. Practice working with Solr.xml, config sets, and
  6. Practice creating BinaryField, BoolField, CurrencyFieldType, DateRangeField, EnumFieldType, LatLonPointSpatialField, StrField, and TextField field types.
  7. Use Solr analyzers, tokenizers, and filters.
  8. Practice applying different techniques for indexing information, including Solr Cell, HTTP requests, and custom Java applications.
  9. Practice using Velocity Search UI and Standard Query Parser.
  10. Practice enriching your search results using Solr facets (facet.range) and highlighting.
  11. Practice using LatLonPointSpatialField, Geofilt, and bbox to store longitude and latitude with the search results.
  12. Practice backing up your Solr schemas using SolrCloud, Model Backups, and Restore API.
  13. Optimize your Solr schemas to make queries and indexing run faster and require less resources.

Instructor: Victor Deras

Length: 3 hours

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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