C++ Graphs Essentials Video

C++ Graphs Essentials Video


C++ Graphs Essentials Video


  1. Be able to explain the concept of graphs. A graph is a data structure which is represented as a finite set of nodes and edges. The nodes in a graph are called “vertices” and edges connect any two vertices.
  2. Explore graph use cases.
  3. Know the important graph concepts of adjacent, degree, in-degree, out-degree, path, connected graph, subgraph, connected component, tree, forest, and minimum spanning tree.
  4. Learn how to represent undirected and directed graphs in memory.
  5. Practice the Edge List, Adjacency Matrix, and Adjacency List Approaches.
  6. Appreciate how graphs look through the eyes of a computer.
  7. Learn how to implement the very efficient Adjacency List Approach in C++ for integers.

Instructor: Advait Jayant

Length: 1 hour

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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