Business Analytics Fundamentals Video

Business Analytics Fundamentals Video


Business Analytics Fundamentals Video


  1. Become equipped to explain what analytics is, why analytics is so  important, and where analytics is used.
  2. Dive into Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and Google Analytics.
  3. Explore a use case (Netflix) for marketing and customer relationship management analytics.
  4. Become equipped to explain statistics, and the various statistics techniques of regression analysis, ANOVA, factor analysis, cluster analysis, resampling methods, and logistic regression.
  5. Practice the data mining and predictive modeling techniques of logistic  regression, neural networks, decision trees, and ordinary least square.
  6. Explore machine learning.
  7. See how the regression model can be applied in Microsoft Excel.
  8. Be able to explain marketing analytics.
  9. Become competent with finance  and risk analytics including credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, and  operational risk.

Instructor: Heena Dhir

Length: 4 hours

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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