Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Video

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Video


Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Video


  1. Be able to identify the goals of AI, and providing AI use cases.
  2. Explore intelligent systems and the components of intelligent systems  including reasoning, learning, problem solving, perception, and linguistic  intelligence.
  3. Learn about agents and environments.
  4. Learn how agents interact with environments through sensors and effectors.
  5. Learn all about Model Based Reflect Agents, Utility Based Agents, and Goal Based Agents.
  6. Be able to explain the Turing Test.
  7. Become familiar with popular search algorithms including Brute Force, Informed (Heuristic), and Local search strategies.
  8. Understand search concepts are also explained, including Problem Space, Problem Instance, Problem Space Graph, Depth of a Problem, Space Complexity, Time Complexity, Admissibility, Branching Factor, and Depth.
  9. Understand expert systems, robots, and robotics. The characteristics of expert systems are discussed including high performance, understandable, reliable, and highly responsive.
  10. Learn what expert systems can do along with their use cases.
  11. Be able to explain knowledge bases, inference engines, forward chaining, backward chaining, and the user interface.
  12. Create a game in Java that incorporates AI.

Instructor: Zanis Khan

Length: 1 hour

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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