Apache Nifi Fundamentals Video

Apache Nifi Fundamentals Video


Apache Nifi Fundamentals Video


  1. Get introduced to the concept of Data Flow and the important roles of Producer and Consumer.
  2. Explore the challenges of moving big data quickly involving Data Standards, Protocols, Veracity, Formats, Validity, and Schemas. Infrastructure and People also pose huge types of data flow challenges.
  3. Learn about Apache Nifi. Nifi is a software project designed to automate the flow of big data between software systems. Nifi has several critical properties including support for security, lineage, and scalability.
  4. Explore the different use cases of Nifi, including IoA/IoT Optimization, Compliance, and Digital Security.
  5. Learn flow based programming. Flow-based Programming (FBP) is a programming paradigm that uses a data factory metaphor for designing and building applications.
  6. Explore Nifi terminology.
  7. Learn about the concept of the Nifi FlowFile.
  8. Learn about the concepts of Nifi Relationships, Connections, and Controller Services.
  9. Learn about the concept of Nifi Process Groups.
  10. Learn about the key architectural components of the Web Server, Flow Controller, Extensions, FlowFile Repository, Content Repository, and Provenance Repository.

Instructor:  Advait Jayant

Length: 1 hour

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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