SQL Made Simple Video

SQL Made Simple Video


SQL Made Simple Video


  1. Understand how SQL helps users create, read, update, and delete data stored in relational database tables.
  2. Become familiar with Database Management Systems (DBMS).
  3. Learn what SQL can do, and what it is designed not to do.
  4. Learn how to measure time complexity, which will need to be considered when writing SQL.
  5. Learn about sorting and primary keys.
  6. Learn what SQL can do and how ANSI standardization helps.
  7. Use direct and nested SQL.
  8. Learn about data definition language, data manipulation language, data control language, and transaction control language.
  9. Become comfortable with the SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, and HAVING clauses.
  10. Learn about the Data Definition Language (DDL) and modify and access table structures.
  11. Learn about the TRUNCATE, ALTER, MODIFY, and DROP statements.
  12. Learn about the Data Manipulation Language (DML) including the SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, and INSERT statements.
  13. Learn about the Data Control Language (DCL), and grant privileges, rights, and permissions, on tables, functions, and processes, using the RUN and INVOKE commands.
  14. Learn about the Transaction Control Language (TCL), and work with transactions in the database using the COMMIT, ROLLBACK, SAVEPOINT, and SET TRANSACTION commands.
  15. See how to embed SQL in programming languages and also leverage PL/SQL.

Instructor: Viktor Shcherban

Length: 2 hours

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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