Scala Essentials Video

Scala Essentials Video


Scala Essentials Video


  1. Set up the Scala environment. We introduce Scala and the concept of functional programming, and explain the benefits of both.
  2. Learn about the structure of Scala, which is based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  3. Explore expressions, functions, and values.
  4. Create your own computations in Scala.
  5. Create values and we explain why their property of immutability is so  important.
  6. Create lists and how to manipulate them through comprehensions.
  7. Learn  about basic list operations such as select, and also leverage more advanced  list operations including deploying your own functions.
  8. Practice the closest concept Scala has to loops, which is the  for-comprehension statement.
  9. Apply pattern matching and explains why  it is so useful.
  10. Pattern matching is an advanced if-statement.
  11. Learn how to compile your Scala code.

Instructor: Luca-Dorin Anton

Length: 1 hour

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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