Stata Advanced Video

Stata Advanced Video


Stata Advanced Video


  1. Create loops in Stata, and use Local, which can be very handy when creating loops in Stata.
  2. Local is an object that you can create in Stata to support your code.
  3. Master the append and merge commands in Stata.
  4. Practice more complex merging, including the one-to-many merge.
  5. Apply options available in merge that handle more specific situations, such as merging data sets with common variables, and merging when faced with missing values.
  6. Master the reshape function in Stata.
  7. Learn about wide and long data formats, and how to transform wide tables to long tables for better statistical analysis.
  8. Validate data in Stata. Although we will use a survey as an example, you can use the techniques for any data entry project.
  9. Learn a number of Stata commands including assert, inlist, inrange, and duplicates.
  10. Perform regression analysis in Stata using the regress command.

Instructor: Hassan Khan

Length: 3 hours

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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