Agile for Data Professionals

Agile for Data Professionals


Agile for Data Professionals Video


  1. Understand Agile (hint: you might think you know, but you’re probably wrong), and why is it important.
  2. Know the implications of Agile to IT projects, including Data and BI development.
  3. Be able to explain the relationship of Agile to Enterprise Architecture (e.g., the Zachman Framework).
  4. See the impact of Agile on architecture and design, as well as on data quality.
  5. Learn how can Agile principles be applied to Data and BI initiatives.
  6. See how can data modeling and database design be done in an Agile manner.
  7. Learn how can patterns be used in an Agile approach to Data and BI development.
  8. See how can data virtualization help achieve data agility.
  9. Understand the importance of an “Agile Attitude”.

Instructor:  Larry Burns

Length: 3 hours

Access period: For one year starting from purchase date

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