Flow-based Leadership

RelateAbility: Working Together To Make Work Life Better, by Ted Malley and Wade A. McNair, Psy.D.

Improve your work environment by learning the science around TeamRelate and the concept of RelateAbility in the workplace. Read more…

Mr. Malley has over 25 years of experience as a senior executive in the technology industry and over 20 of those years in the Human Capital Management software business.  As the Chief Customer Officer at Ceridian, Mr. Malley combines his personal passion for helping people and love for new technology to change the way Ceridian loves its customers through our award-winning XOXO Customer Success program.

Dr. McNair is a dynamic Coach, Consultant, and Communicator with over 20 years of experience in Talent Management, Corporate Learning, Leadership, Human Resources, and Organization Development. Wade is actively engaged in coaching and consulting with corporate, non-profit, and faith-based organizations.

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