Career Development

Career Development

Facilitator’s and Trainer’s Toolkit, by Artie Mahal


Master frameworks, techniques, and tools for conducting meetings, leading sessions and workshops, and transferring knowledge through education and training. In addition to focusing on proven methods, this book contains many new and innovative ideas developed through decades of the author’s experience. Read more…

ArtieMahalArtie Mahal is an accomplished facilitator and has facilitated workshops in North America as well as internationally in Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. His workshops are highly interactive and use state of the art methods such as a “brain compatible learning method.”

Many Cultures, One Team, by Catherine Mercer Bing


An essential aid for anyone who leads, is a member of, consults with, or supports global teams.  Starting from the premise that the concept of team is culturally bound, Catherine Mercer Bing provides guidance for improving team function and performance. Read more…

CassCatherine Mercer Bing is the CEO of ITAP International, Inc., a global consulting firm that specializes in the impact that cultural differences have on business interactions. Ms. Bing has 30+ years in human resources development.

Competing to Win: Lessons Learned for Reaching the Next Level of Organizational Performance, by Dr. Ted Marra


  1. What does it take to build and maintain a truly enduring and continuously successful business – one that stands the test of time, turbulence and change and despite all that has continued to set the standard for performance and excellence by which other organizations are measured?
  2. What really makes your organization unique?…

These questions and over 150 more equally stimulating and change-provoking questions are raised and explored within this concise text. Read more…

mWell known strategic facilitator and organizational mentor Ted Marra has taught and lectured in a number of universities in Boston, Detroit, the UK, Croatia and Switzerland. Ted was also Senior Policy Advisor for President Reagan and has held management positions with such organizations as General Motors, Goodyear, Firestone, Babcock & Wilcox, Walker:CSM (Indianapolis) and TARP (Washington D.C.) as well as owning and operating two consulting companies – MQI in Boston and The Centre for Innovation Management Europe Ltd. in the U.K.

Data Scientist, by Zacharias Voulgaris, PhD


As our society transforms into a data-driven one, the role of the Data Scientist is becoming more and more important. If you want to be on the leading edge of what is sure to become a major profession in the not-too-distant future, this book can show you how. Read more…

Zacharias VoulgarisUpon completing a 5-year Engineering degree at the Technical University of Crete, Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris enrolled in the City University of London for a Masters course in Information Systems and Technology. Afterwards, he pursued a PhD in Birkbeck College (University of London).