Data for Business Performance: The Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) Model to Transform Business Data into an Enterprise Asset

Breaking Bad with 3D Enterprise Systems

Learn about a new paradigm in enterprise system development that is designed from the ground up to allow systems to easily exchange data. Technology doesn’t drive change—new models of organization, innovative people, and new business ideas drive change. Read this book if you are interested in building a future-oriented business and fostering innovative change to your business information systems.
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Blair Kjenner
Blair Kjenner has been architecting and developing enterprise software for over forty years. Recently, he had the opportunity to reverse engineer many different systems for an organization to help them find missed revenues. The project resulted in recovering millions of uncollected dollars. This inspired Blair to evaluate how systems get created and why we struggle with integration.

Kewal Dhariwal
Kewal Dhariwal is a dedicated researcher and developer committed to advancing the information technology industry through education, training, and certifications. Kewal has built many standalone and enterprise systems in the UK, Canada, and the United States and understands how we approach enterprise software today and the issues we face.

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