About Technics Publications

Technics Publications publishes books and produces videos that sharpen your technical and leadership skills. If you have any questions or just would like to say Hey, just keep doing what you’re doing! you can reach us at info@technicspub.com or at 908-543-3050.

Top Five Reasons to Write for Technics Publications

  1. Agile. Our book production process consists of several highly streamlined steps that allow us to reach the store shelves at warp speed. Earlier this year for example, Bill Inmon’s Data Lake Architecture went from unedited manuscript to being for sale worldwide in less than eight weeks!
  2. Quality. We use an iterative approach to finalizing the book’s interior and creating the cover. We deploy several editing cycles, and invest heavily into cover designs. (Everyone does judge a book by its cover.) Data Lake Architecture for example, was showcased on the front page of a major European distributor’s catalog.
  3. Personal. You would work directly with Steve Hoberman, every step of the way. Most publishing companies have handoffs with many different people – with our company, it’s Steve working with you. Also, you will be invited to join our exclusive LinkedIn author group where we share ideas and post weekly book sales. As you browse our existing titles, you will notice that most authors have written more than one book with us, and one of our authors has actually written six books with us! We are proud of our strong relationship with our authors.
  4. Distribution. We have very far-reaching distribution channels, both in print and ebook avenues.
  5. Marketing. So many books get published every day, and we will work with you to make your book stand out. We’ve employed very innovative marketing approaches from radio talk shows, to Google Adwords, to conference bookstores.

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